Ewa Demianiuk 

    I am a SF Bay Area California photographer with MA degree, high end equipment and over a decade of professional experience.  I provide quality services for individuals, businesses and corporations in Northern California. I specialize in business portraits, studio product photography, commercial  photography & real estate photography. I document events like conferences, parties, shows and others. I also work on big and small family events like weddings, birthdays, baby showers etc. I love outdoor & indoor photo sessions for kids, family portraits, graduations and engagements. I look forward to meeting you. Contact me today!

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$250/h - photographer on location
$1200 - full day business event shoot + $500 image retouch
Travel compensation for locations over 10 miles 
Custom estimates available.


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Very happy with my baby's photos!! Ewa was very patient and professional, I also love how eager she was in getting the best photos with this shoot. Ewa took her time and was very sweet and gentle with my baby I highly recommend her! _Aelyn C.

I do not know how to describe in words how pleased I was with the Quality of Ewa (work). Her promptness and professionalism was more than 5 stars. I checked with 4 other Multimedia companies before I choose her company. Everything she did was amazing and made my event successful... _Carol W.

LOVE them... they work til they get it right and they are Fasssst! I worked with EVA and she was so professional and talented! _Teresa N.

I want to take time to tell you how awesome Ewa is. Her work is awesome, too. I know she had to work very hard & very quickly to accomplish the goals I had.I sent the photos to my client & they raved about how beautiful they look compared to the other photographers photos. They are so happy! ... Thank you once again for a marvelous job! _ Joshua W.

I cannot speak highly enough about Ewa ... Her work product is outstanding and she adds to that a degree of professionalism and follow through that is rarely seen. ... Her ability to immediately capture what we were trying to convey and to add her own constructive input was invaluable to us. We have since hired Ewa for three still photo shoots as well as a corporate statement video. With all, we have been thrilled with the end results. Ewa is a perfectionist who takes her craft very seriously. She doesn't compromise, even if a project takes her a little longer than expected. Most importantly, Ewa is an absolute pleasure to work with. _Larry F.

She was very professional, on time, and obviously had a great eye for outdoor photography. Best of all the price was very fair compared to what other photographers charge. I was very happy with Ewa and highly recommend her. _Dennis S.

First I have to say I got very lucky finding Ewa. She was really great from the start...  she helped me prep ...gave me a ton of feedback to make me feel comfortable. Also, she was great at making sure she got the shot right and not just trying to rush through things. She really seemed to care - which ultimately is the most important thing and I believe the highest compliment. _Cory F.

We truly enjoyed working with you. You were very warm and welcoming. And very patient with my children. And you kept your beautiful smile all throughout. We will be coming back to you for sure !!! _Neolin.

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